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What's in a Ground School?

(They're not all created equal...)
A ground school is a classroom environment that prepares you for flight training, and to become a safer pilot after earning your license. 

Investing your time at Sky-Bound Ground can save you real money during flight training.  Learn before you fly.  It just makes sense.

Ground instructor James Kemp preparing for a flight from Caldwell Airport to Cape May, NJ, Sep 1995How do you get the most for your flight training dollar?  How do you learn to plan for a safe flight?  If you want to learn the smart way, before you get into an airplane, you master the basic knowledge at a good ground school.  If you're located in or near northern New Jersey, you come to Sky-Bound Ground.
Sky-Bound Ground is your private pilot ground school - your entrance to the world of aviation, as well as the first choice of licensed private pilots working toward the instrument rating.  Whether you're a new student first learning to fly or an already licensed private pilot working toward an advanced rating, to train efficiently in the air, you need solid roots on the ground - you need Sky-Bound Ground.

Professional:  We love to teach, and we love to see you learn.
Comprehensive: All FAA-required knowledge areas, and more.
Independent:  Not tied to any particular flight school

  • Week 1: Definitions, Basic Aerodynamics
  • Week 2: Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Week 3: Charts, Navigation, Flight Planning
  • Week 4: Atmosphere & Weather Theory
  • Week 5: Aviation Weather, Engine & Propeller, other Types of Powerplants
  • Week 6: Weather Reports and Forecasts, Radio Communications
  • Week 7: Airport Environment, Advanced Aerodynamics, Selecting a Flight School
  • Week 8: Aircraft Systems, Aircraft Performance
  • Week 9: Pre-flight Actions, Safe & Efficient Operation
  • Week 10: Situational Awareness, Aeronautical Decision Making & Judgment
Cost: $595 for 45 hours of professional classroom instruction ($13/hour) plus materials (if you don't have them already) - or for already licensed private pilots, $40/hr for individual instrument ground instruction.

Ideally, you should begin your ground school 2-3 months before you expect to begin flight training - but it's never too late to start. 

Why Sky-Bound Ground?   Sky-Bound Ground is an independent pilot ground school.  We're not affiliated with any particular flight school, and we don't push one airplane over another.  Our job is to prepare you to learn to fly, period.  It's all we do, and we're good at it.  We offer 45 hours (15-20 more than most schools) of the most practical, most exciting, most comprehensive in-depth learning you'll find anywhere, at a great price.
We give you the comprehensive knowledge and tools you'll need to fly safely, prepare you for flight training, pass the FAA exam, and get the most for your flight training dollar. 
Another typical training aircraft used by students who have attended Sky-Bound Ground, this one at Morristown Airport, Oct, 2007
Flying involves far more than the physical skill of handling the airplane.  It involves knowledge, understanding and mental skills as well.  Sky-Bound Ground provides the ideal environment for acquiring the knowledge and understanding you need on the ground to be safe and efficient in the air, and cost-effective in your flight training.

"Learn on the ground; practice in the air."  
Mastering the basics of aerodynamics, flight operations, communications, risk management, navigation, federal regulations, flight planning and aircraft systems costs $13 per hour in a ground school course at Sky-Bound Ground.  Contrast this to the $45-$60 per hour you'd typically pay to learn the same material from an instructor one-on-one, or the $130-$210 per hour you'd pay to rent an airplane and flight instructor while learning it in the air, and you'll quickly see that the right place to acquire a working knowledge of the basics is on the ground, at Sky-Bound Ground. 
At Sky-Bound Ground, it's not just about passing a test, or getting you into the air as quickly as possible.  We want you to be better than that. 
Pilots need to demonstrate a fairly comprehensive knowledge of all things aviation.  We'll give you that knowledge, and more. We'll teach you to understand your airplane, and the regulations that govern our flying, inside and out, to manage risk, plan, communicate, navigate, handle problems - so you can be proactive, safe and efficient in the air and on the ground.   
The Sky-Bound Ground curriculum includes all of the FAA required knowledge areas, plus theoretical background, case studies, lessons learned, handouts, exercises and a heavy dose of common sense.  
flight planning - one of several scenario-based hands on lessons at Sky-Bound GroundOur private pilot ground school is 45 hours long, plus homework and selected interactive on-line courses.  We meet for 4 1/2 hours per week for 10 weeks.  (That's 15 -20 hours more in depth learning than most other schools offer)
For already licensed private pilots, our instrument ground school picks up where your private pilot knowledge left off.  Together we'll assess what you already know, and customize a targeted training curriculum to prepare you for instrument flight training as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.    
Scenario-based training:  flight planning
Professional Instruction - At Sky-Bound Ground, we don't just read from a textbook.  We don't subject you to "death by powerpoint".  Instead, we use the white board, handouts, models, exercises and interactive discussion to link related concepts and build up to complex tasks and ideas so that they're easily understandable.  We actually teach.
Attend your first session with no obligation to continue, to see what we mean. 

Tuition: $595 for 45 hours of instruction (saves 70% off typical individual instruction at $50/hr)  
Class size is limited to a maximum of 6 students per course.  Register now to reserve your seat!  (Tuition includes syllabus, handouts and course guide)
Materials: $145 (available from us or bring your own) includes federal aviation regulations, FAA Aeronautical Information Manual, FAA Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Private Pilot Workbook, practice charts, FAA Airport/Facility Directory, flight plan data forms, flight computer, plotter, notebook, logbook, etc. - everything you need, nothing you don't.
Deposit: $50 deposit against the cost of course guide and handouts must be received at least 5 days prior to course start date.  
Additional Resources: (recommended by week 8) Students may bring an aircraft-specific pilot operating handbook or information manual appropriate to the aircraft in which they expect to actually learn to fly (cost dependent on aircraft type; available for sale at your flight school) 
Course Location:
Madison Community House
(3 blocks from the Madison train station)
25 Cook Ave
Madison, NJ, USA 07940
Convenient to downtown shops and restaurants, public transportation, Morristown Airport, Route 24 and I-287.
Course Schedule:
Classes meet selected Sundays 9:30AM - 3:00PM, with a break for lunch and to digest the morning's lesson.  Alternative times by class request.  

The full course is offered twice per year, starting in January and July.
(just in time to prepare for flight training in the great "not too hot, not too cold" flying weather of the spring and fall)
Instrument Ground Instruction:  For those who have already earned a Private Pilot certificate and wish to take their flying to the next level, Sky-Bound Ground will create a flexible instrument ground school curriculum custom-tailored to meet your specific needs.  We'll fill in the gaps, if any, in your private pilot knowledge, teach you instrument navigation and procedures, and even train you in fundamental instrument flying skills on our state of the art FAA authorized Elite PC aviation training device - all for a fraction of the cost of learning the basics in the air. 

Also check out our hands-on refresher classes for Flight Planning, Navigation and Radio Communication.
Take the course and bring a friend, and both receive a $50 rebate with your paid registrations.  Talk to us about veterans' discounts, too.
Individual ground instruction also available (rate: $45/hr; $30/hr for enrolled ground school students)

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