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Sky-Bound Ground is closing as of July 2014

We will continue to provide Instrument ground Instruction by Appointment 
You are entering the Aviation Zonethe most fun you will ever, ever have!
Why ground school?  A ground school is a classroom environment that prepares you for flight training, and to become a safer pilot after earning your license. 
Investing your time at Sky-Bound Ground would have saved you real money during flight training.  Learn before you fly.  It just makes sense.

Ground instructor James Kemp preparing for a flight from Caldwell Airport to Cape May, NJ, Sep 1995How do you get the most for your flight training dollar?  How do you learn to plan for a safe flight?  If you want to learn the smart way, before you get into an airplane, you master the basic knowledge at a good ground school.  If you were located in or near northern New Jersey, you came to Sky-Bound Ground.

  • Week 1: Definitions, Basic Aerodynamics
  • Week 2: Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Week 3: Charts, Navigation, Flight Planning
  • Week 4: Atmosphere & Weather Theory
  • Week 5: Aviation Weather, Engine & Propeller, other Types of Powerplants
  • Week 6: Weather Reports and Forecasts, Radio Communications
  • Week 7: Airport Environment, Advanced Aerodynamics, Selecting a Flight School
  • Week 8: Aircraft Systems, Aircraft Performance
  • Week 9: Pre-flight Actions, Safe & Efficient Operation
  • Week 10: Situational Awareness, Aeronautical Decision Making & Judgment

Ideally, you should begin your ground school 2-3 months before you expect to begin flight training - but it's never too late to start. 
Another typical training aircraft used by students who have attended Sky-Bound Ground, this one at Morristown Airport, Oct, 2007
Flying involves far more than the physical skill of handling the airplane.  It involves knowledge, understanding and mental skills as well.  Sky-Bound Ground provided the ideal environment for acquiring the knowledge and understanding you need on the ground to be safe and efficient in the air, and cost-effective in your flight training.

"Learn on the ground; practice in the air."  
The Sky-Bound Ground curriculum included all of the FAA required knowledge areas, plus theoretical background, case studies, lessons learned, handouts, exercises and a heavy dose of common sense.  
Our private pilot ground school was 45 hours long, plus homework and selected interactive on-line courses.  We met for 4 1/2 hours per week for 10 weeks.  (That was 15 -20 hours more in depth learning than most other schools offer)
Professional Instruction - At Sky-Bound Ground, we didn't just read from a textbook.  We didn't subject you to "death by powerpoint".  Instead, we used the white board, handouts, models, exercises and interactive discussion to link related concepts and build up to complex tasks and ideas so that they're easily understandable.  We actually taught.
Instrument Ground Instruction:  For those who have already earned a Private Pilot certificate and wish to take their flying to the next level, Sky-Bound Ground will create a flexible instrument ground school curriculum custom-tailored to meet your specific needs.  We'll fill in the gaps, if any, in your private pilot knowledge, teach you instrument navigation and procedures, and even train you in fundamental instrument flying skills on our state of the art FAA authorized Elite PC aviation training device - all for a fraction of the cost of learning the basics in the air. 


Individual ground instruction also available (rate: $45/hr; $30/hr for enrolled ground school students)

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